What My Most Used Emojis Say About Me

This is going to be so much fun!
  1. 💤
    This doesn't even need to be explained. I sleep everywhere
  2. 🍥
    One of my favorite foods
  3. 💌
    I sent it to my friend with a message to make her morning better
  4. 🍨
    Ice cream makes me happy
  5. 🌼
    I love flowers!!!
  6. 🍃
    I sent this to my boyfriend because I got hit in the face with a leaf
  7. 🦄
    I'm magical, duh! Just joking. I said this is me and...
  8. 🐎
    This is my friend
  9. 🤔
    I sent this to mom when I asked her she was going to get me ice cream
  10. 🤐
    When she said no
  11. 😫
    I forgot homework
  12. 😢
    My cat scratched me
  13. I use this in every goodbye message
  14. 🌻
    Sunflowers are cute
  15. 😄
    My boyfriend said he loved me
  16. 🌾
    It matches the sunflower
  17. 😔
    My kittens were sick...
  18. 😭
    And when my kittens passed away