As a season ticket holder for the past 3 seasons now, I only care about 2 things: a) Hawks winning b) us making money selling our seats. If we do both this season, I will be very happy.
  1. The hawks will be a top 4 team in the east during the regular season.
    This may seem like a very broad and boring prediction, but I assure you that this is a BOLD claim. With the Hawks losing Jeff Teague and Al Horford, and the rest of the east becoming immensely more powerful, the team's probable success has gone completely up in the air.
  2. Dwight Howard will shoot over 65% from the free throw line and average around 23pts 12rebs and 2blks per game.
    Why? His work ethic and attitude have done a complete turnaround. He's healthy. He's back in his hometown. There's videos of him hitting shot after shot after shot lately with a new form. Most of all? He's in the gym, right now, everyday, trying to get better and resurrect his career. He knows it's now or never.
  3. Dennis Shroder will struggle immensely.
    Dennis is a very unique player. There's not many skinny point guards in the NBA who play like him. He's very methodical with the ball and uses his explosive first step to catch people off guard and whizz by defenders. However, they're going to figure him out as the season progresses. His first step isn't enough to let him be effective every night. His turnovers are going to go up, he's going to struggle with running our team. He's gonna work on his jump shot though and end the season strong.
  4. Jarret Jack will be the second best pickup (behind Dwight) that we made
    He'll come off the bench behind Shroder at first, but will play some huge minutes down the stretch, really brining a veteran presence to our team on and off the court. He'll average around 12pts and 4ast. We'll thank him by resigning him next season.
  5. We'll make it to the 2nd round of playoffs again
    It's simply too hard to beat some of the teams in the east right now. The Cavs, Knicks, Bulls, Celtics, and Pacers are far too strong. We'll see how the regular season goes, but we're clearly outmatched offensively at least. My highest hope is 2nd round for us.
  6. People will grow in respect for Atlanta as a city and as a franchise.
    Now that we have a superstar, we are going to be a team people will want to watch in the NBA. They will see our organization and all the efforts they have made to improve ourselves over the past couple of years. The fans of Atlanta will rise up and attendance will be an all-time high. People will start seeing Atlanta as a basketball city again. One that has a bright future and is a good destination for free agents to revive and thrive in their careers.
  7. We will make look to make some small splashes in free agency 2016-17.
    Paul Millsap will be traded sometime before this year is over. We'll also most likely trade away a lot of our secondary players for 2nd rounders and other role players. We won't have enough bait to land anyone big. We'll get some young guys and draft picks and try to trade up for the draft. We're going to take some risks and draft on an unproven guy with potential. Dwight will be the superstar we'll build around for the next couple of years.