LA has the most amazing food and places to see!
  1. Santa Monica Pier
    Mad chill vibes, kinda touristy. Best sunset.
  2. Bike Rental Venice Beach
    Rent bikes and go up and down the boardwalk!! Make sure to stop by the skate park and soak in the chill vibes. We went to a place called "Bike Curious" rentals. Really hard to find but we used Groupon and it was a great deal!
  3. The Boiling Crab
    Too good. No words. Get the sauce that has all of it together. Shrimp is so good. Perfect combo with some brews.
  4. Griffith Observatory
    Amazing view of LA at night, can't go wrong. Get there at least 45-60min before it closes or you'll miss the telescope viewing.
  5. Malibu Beach up HWY 1
    Super nice to drive up the highway past Pepperdine university about 30 min up from LA where there's nothing touristy and just empty beaches on the side of the road.
  6. The Line Bar/Club
    Fun to see what the Asian night crowd looks like in LA. Kinda small. BCD tofu is next door and it's lit. Good place to go afterwards.
  7. In-N-Out
    Can't be over hyped. Clean tasting burgers with really fresh ingredients. Make sure to ask for your fries crispy instead of regular!
  8. Milk
    Freaking delicious ice cream. The fruity pebbles flavor was so unique and tasty. EVERYTHING here is good!
  9. Wurstkuche
    Really really awesome vibes and another good place to grab some drinks. Really close to Pie Hole which I recommend getting the Earl Grey Pie and Mexican chocolate!
  10. Quarters
    Hands down best Korean BBQ I've had..... Ever. Meat is highest of quality and banchans are on point! The Chadol quality is to die for.
  11. Static
    So freakin bomb. Best I've ever had AGAIN!!! The kimchi and ggakdoogi are both so good and they give you a tub full of chopped green onions!!! Cash only. So worth.