While trying to factor in quality, experience, pricing factored all together!
  1. Breakers
    Great service, uniquely marinated high quality meats, clean interior and upscale ambience, vacuum suction ducts for smoke, seating for large groups, American-friendly. $30-35 price range
  2. 678
    Authentic atmosphere with kpop music and darker setting, good service, unique ingredients surrounding grill, lots of side dishes, large selection of meat, good place to drink. $30-$35 price range.
  3. Byul Dae Pyo
  4. Honey Pig
    Huge grill to fill up with lots of meat, great service, seating for large groups, focused more on pork, good quality meats, American-friendly. $30-35 price range.
  5. Seo Ra Beol
    Most authentic atmosphere, does a lot of other foods very well, clean and high quality meats, serviced almost entirely by Korean ajummas. The authentic Korean restaurant experience. $20-30 price range.
  6. Todamgol
    Another extremely authentic Korean experience, lots of side dishes, friendly Korean ajummas, small-medium sized seating areas, very high quality and thick meats, grungy interior, good place to drink. $25-30 price range.
  7. Iron Age
    Exciting environment with big screens playing kpop music and dark lighting, lots of decent quality meat selections, fast paced service, complimentary ice cream dessert afterwards. $25-30 price range.