As I watch, starting with episode three.
  1. Winter is coming bitches!
    I love the word bitches.
  2. I read all about it on
    This is funny because I often feel ashamed while reading
  3. Just the phrase indigent "hoodrat."
  4. We're gonna have to kill her.
  5. Etruscan onyx
  6. That's an offensive generalization, although apt in this case.
    I think bubble tea is disgusting and I never liked Hello Kitty. She has no mouth.
  7. You're a straight white man, you don't get to play the victim.
  8. OMG, Americanah
  9. Husky hula doll.
    Sorry I got too invested, and forgot to record.
  10. Whitney 92
  11. Toast can't never be bread again.