Things That Are Unnecessarily Awkward

  1. When you're walking down the street and the person in front of you does a 180 and starts walking in the opposite direction because they forgot where they were going
    You hoped no one would notice. We all noticed. And felt awkward about it.
  2. Anything involving being in an elevator with strangers
  3. Seeing your professors barefoot
    Also applicable: seeing your professors in workout clothing/athleisure wear
  4. When your debit card gets stolen and your bank teller is required to read out your past 10 transactions to make sure they all came from you
    Suddenly I am majorly regretting that weird $60 shopping splurge I went on at Family Dollar
  5. Running into people from high school at the gym
    Or anywhere, really
  6. Upper lip sweat
  7. Being unsure of someone's gender
  8. Anything Donald Trump has ever said or done
  9. When you trip over nothing and then fart really loudly while doing it and everyone around you pretends not to notice, but then the person next to you accidentally elbows you in the face when you're getting up
    I mean seriously guys, let's all grow up and accept these everyday, not-awkward occurrences!