Animals I Wanted as Pets Before the Age of 12

My childhood consisted of trips to nonfiction section of the library where I researched my latest animal obsession. I used PowerPoint presentations to convince my parents that we needed the following animals.
  1. Llama
    They actually only spit if they're highly provoked. I would've been happy with an alpaca instead.
  2. Ferret
    I used the think that they were so cute, but my parents especially hated them.
  3. Hyacinth Macaw
    These macaws are endangered and cost $10,000.
  4. Domesticated goose
    I don't know why...
  5. Guinea pigs
    My sister eventually got a Guinea pig after I was older. He was the most boring pet we ever had.
  6. Dairy goat
    One of my main obsessions during my childhood. I convinced my mom to buy me goat milk even though everyone else hated it.
  7. Sugar glider
  8. Miniature dachshund
    I flirted with various dog breeds, and I got a miniature dachshund when I was in high school. His name is Mr. Darcy and he lives with my parents now.
  9. Shire
    Had to be the biggest and baddest horse around.
  10. Mustang adopted from the BLM
    Or formerly wild would do.
  11. Jersey Calf
    When I was in 4-H (yes, ha) I wanted to hand raise a dairy calf.
  12. Oscar fish
    These fish are related to piranhas and require a diet of live goldfish.
  13. Ragdoll cat
    I had cats all of my life, but these fluffy, floppy cats were my ultimate dream.
  14. Doberman Pinscher
    My parents despised these dogs, but they didn't understand.