Languages I Want to Learn

There's a lot! I love traveling and I want to travel a lot, and learning languages would be so helpful.
  1. Spanish
    I've been taking this at school for about 4 years
  2. Mandarin
    I learned it when I was little and am currently learning more
  3. French
    A gorgeous language that I've been trying to teach myself
  4. Italian
    Also a gorgeous language I really want to know
  5. Morse Code
    I've been trying to learn it but it won't stick!
  6. Sign Language
    It would be so cool to know this
  7. Hindi
    I already know/am learning the top three spoken languages, so might as well throw wanting to know some basic Hindi on here
  8. Some Basic Swedish, Dutch, Japanese or German...
    Not any that I really really want to learn but it would be cool to know a little bit to communicate with locals