1. The Mindy Project
    A badass, empowering leading lady, gorgeous colorful outfits, hilarity, a good plot, and characters you will love to the end of your days. Even though Mindy has by far moved on, I will never stop shipping her and Casey. They're the ones that got away...from each other.
  2. The Office
    The most classic show out there. Everyone understands the struggles of wanting a relationship like Jim and Pam's, and the cringeworthy but classic lines by Michael Scott, and the strange but endearing Dwight. And all the others that make up this wonderful show. Especially the dysfunctional but somehow wonderful more realistic relationship of Kelly and Ryan.
  3. How I Met Your Mother
    Ted Marshall Lily Barney Robin oh how powerful each of their characters are and how wonderfully the episodes are developed. This plot is amazing and when everything connects...there is nothing as satisfying.
  4. Timeless
    This new show by NBC has drama, romance, comedy, but mainly, history. You'll fall in love with Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus, the ultimate time team, and will learn so much about the past. I highly recommend, and I really hope there will be a season two.
  5. Parks and Recreation
    Leslie Knope is me. I am Leslie Knope. Parks and Rec is so funny, the characters are wonderful, and as my friends and I know, P&R is perfect for assigning people who they are as characters. Everyone is so true to their characters and the plot is fabulous and it is just great. <3 Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt
  6. American Ninja Warrior
    The stories will empower you and the strengths will impress you. It's fun to watch with anyone and makes you think, "I could totally do that!"