What My Most Used Emojis Say About Me

  1. 😂
    I find a lot of things hilariously funny!
  2. 🎉
    There's been a lot of birthdays recently, and I've all about those.
  3. 😘
    Kisses, mwah mwah.
  4. 🌃
    I don't even know why this is in my recently used...I think I've only used it once recently.
  5. ❤️
    I show my love and affection!
  6. 😍
    Good lookin' people are good lookin'.
  7. 🔥
    Probably to my streaks when I get 100.
  8. 👍
    I'm a very congratulatory person. Nice job!
  9. 🎄
    I've been told I'm super peppy, and you know Christmas times a coming, Christmas times a coming, Christmas times a coming...!