A Photoshoot With My Dog

  1. Him sleeping
  2. Him realizing I'm taking pictures of him
  3. Him looking all majestic
  4. Him getting uncomfortable of my phone in his face
  5. Him checking if I'm still taking pictures
  6. Him trying to pretend I'm not here
  7. Him trying to sleep again
  8. Him investigating
  9. Him starting to get annoyed
  10. Him trying to escape
  11. Him realizing laying on his back is comfortable
  12. Him looking the opposite of majestic
  13. Him getting uncomfortable again
  14. Him trying to decide if getting up is worth not having my phone in his face
  15. Him getting a whiff of the barbecue chicken
  16. Him deciding he's had enough of my shit
  17. Him standing
  18. Him leaving
  19. Him running before I can grab him
  20. Him thinking he won
  21. BONUS GIF: Me sneaking up behind him and yelling "surprise!"
    I refuse to be beaten by the likes of him.