Books I'll Probably Never Finish

  1. The Maze Runner series
    Honestly just so much trash. Idk how I managed to get through the first two books. The characters suck, and I felt nothing when they died.
  2. The Chaos Walking series
    Such a good idea, so poorly executed. I hated the way it was written, and the main characters. The only thing I cared about was the dog.
  3. The Dark Tower series
    I suffered through the first one, but I honestly don't think I'll ever finish it. It's very boring to me, and it seems to move too fast with no suspense and little climax. If I didn't know better, I never would have thought this was Stephan King. (I'm sad, because I've heard great things.)
  4. Hamilton
    Theoretically, I'll read this book and find it fascinating. Realistically, it took me a month to read a 100 chapters. It had some interesting things, but it's just too long and too slow to finish.
  5. The Divine Comedy
    I read Inferno with my phone open to Spark Notes so I could understand. I got bored with Purgatorio. Not smart enough for this.
  6. The Temperance Brennen series
    There are so many. I keep my eye open for them, but there are several I started and stopped after a few chapters.
  7. The Fifth Wave series
    The story was decent, the characters were trash. Seems like he was trying too hard to make a Katniss duplicate. I finished the first one, barely.
  8. Neverwhere
    IM SORRY GUYS I TRIED BUT I JUST CANT GET INTO IT. (Plus, I lost my copy and can't find it.)