Fun Facts About the Office That Are 100 Percent True (Probably)

  1. The reason Kelly had such a drastic change from the first season was because Mindy threatened to burn the studio to the ground unless they made her character more interesting.
  2. Ryan was absent for a lot of season 5 because BJ got pregnant, and they didn't want to incorporate it into the show.
  3. Due to a smudge on the script faxed to her, Jenna Fischer originally auditioned for the role of Michael Scott, believing it to be Michaela Scott. Naturally, she did not get the part, but they liked her so much that they casted her as Pam. Jennifer Aniston, who had believed the role was hers, was not happy.
  4. Kate Flannery actually had rabies, and the Fun Run episode was written to bring awareness to people inflicted by rabies.
  5. Steve Carell left the show because he and Phyllis Smith were having an affair, and she broke his heart.
  6. Rainn Wilson never once acted: Dwight was literally just Rainn being himself.
  7. Brian Baumgartner never memorized his lines. He just made it up as he went.
  8. Angela Kinsey actually licked several cats so she could cough up a fur ball.
  9. Angela's jazz poster is actually a picture of Craig Robinson and Paul Lieberstein as babies.
  10. Oscar Nunez went on to win the Cuban version of Dancing with the Stars by using the moves he invented on The Office.