1. In junior high, our church paired us up with older members to exchange anonymous messages. I had to come up with a pen name, and couldn't come up with anything better than "SpongeBob".
    *I was never particularly fond of SpongeBob, but neither did I not like it.
  2. When I first downloaded twitter by Junior year of high school, I needed a username. I was obsessed with Superman, so after some experimenting with what names were available, I dropped the Bob, added Super, and then I was "Supersponge".
  3. When I got Instagram, Supersponge was taken, so I added 24 because I was obsessed with the show. So then I was "Supersponge24".
  4. Then I got Snapchat and supersponge24 was either too long, already taken, or I wanted a more grown up handle. So after playing around, I shortened super and added the A (kind of like Gangsta), then added my initials.
  5. Hence, I became "SupaBG".