How I Want to Go Out

  1. Eaten by a genetically modified dinosaur that was cloned using DNA found in an ancient mosquito that was encased in fossilized amber.
  2. Eaten by a Great White Shark while scuba diving off the coast of Australia
    I HATE sharks, but my sister loves them. She would love to tell people her brother was killed by a shark, and I'm good brother, so...
  3. Pushed into an active volcano by my wife of 30 years while on a second honeymoon to Hawaii.
    She will have killed me because of all my annoying habits that have eaten away at her over the years, and for my money. I think it would be a most beautiful view, right up until the molten lava.
  4. Fell asleep on a pizza pool floaty and rolled off into a vat of green apple/blue raspberry flavored Rockstars and drowned.
    What a way to go❤️
  5. The dream I had where I went to a movie and ran into Jenna Fischer, who than invited me to an Office reunion party was actually a vision from the future, and then I simply die of happiness from meeting everyone.
    Does this really need expanded upon?
  6. I get struck by lighting while attempting to create glass sculptures in the sand like in Sweet Home Alabama.
    Because I definitely want to do this some day, but I just know I'm going to get struck by lighting while carrying the giant metal pole, and I am okay with this.