If Lists Were Food, Not Friends

    Because this is my Bio.
  2. @Lisa_Fav's "List App Porn🔥🔞🏀"=macaroni and cheese
    Something this good should be illegal. (LIST APP PORN 🔥🔞🏀)
  3. @mindy's "five photos of me and @bjnovak from right now"=chips and guacamole
    Because everyone loves it, and if you don't, I don't want to be friends with you. (FIVE PHOTOS OF ME AND @BJNOVAK FROM RIGHT NOW)
  4. @BWN_7's "🌅Sunrise On A Humpday🌅"=strawberry cheesecake
    Because it's beautiful and I get jealous looking at it. (🌅 Sunrise on a Humpday 🌅)
  5. @k8zinker's "Fortune Cookies"=fortune cookies
    Obviously. (FORTUNE COOKIES)
  6. @blisssara's "Favorite First Lines Of The Books On My Bookself📖"=mint chocolate chip ice cream
    Because I love it and couldn't get enough of it! (https://li.st/l/2MqVrVJXxQpfzGAiyYUCH0)
  7. @jpbateson's "Fates And Furies Week Two: My Favorite Sentences"=homemade onion rings
    Because it was great and I had to try myself! Thankfully, the book was better than the time I tried to make onion rings, but that's a list for another time🙈 (FATES AND FURIES WEEK 2: SOME OF MY FAVORITE SENTENCES)
  8. @dfly's "Thoughts of Popcorn Kernels"=pretzels
    Because it's delicious, and pretzels are what I eat when I don't want popcorn. (If you read the list and still want to eat popcorn, you're a monster)(The Thoughts of Popcorn Kernels)
  9. @chriscady's "Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo"=cheese stuffed crust
    It was good to start with, and then it got infinitely better. (BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO)
  10. @marymurphy's "Hey. Everyone. Go Drink Some Damn Water"=Almonds
    Surprised? Well, you shouldn't be. Water isn't food, but this list is important and everyone needs it, just like almonds. (HEY. EVERYONE. GO DRINK SOME DAMN WATER.)
  11. @aus10's "Just Call Me The List App Devil😈"=Sushi
    Because they can both rot in hell. (JUST CALL ME THE LIST APP DEVIL 😈)
  12. @shanaz's "When You're Walking Down The Hall And You Feel Something Fall"=lava cake
    You don't want to be eating a lava cake when you read this, trust me. (WHEN YOU'RE WALKING DOWN THE HALL AND YOU FEEL SOMETHING FALL..)
  13. @alirindt's "Why The Office Is The Beat Show Ever"=cotton candy
    Because it was absolutely beautiful. (WHY THE OFFICE IS THE BEST SHOW EVER)
  14. @kbon's "Pride Tape🏑🌈"=marble cake
    Because the outside looked okay, but the inside was colorful and enlightening. (PRIDE TAPE 🏒🌈)
  15. @marrypotter's "TV Characters I Relate To On A Spiritual Level"=popcorn
    Because it's probably the food I relate to the most, just like how I relate to this list. (Tv Characters I Relate to on a Spiritual Level)
  16. @meg1's "Things Without Heartbeats That Know Me Better Than I Know Myself"=brownie
    Because you can't just eat one and be done, same with Meg's lists. (THINGS WITHOUT HEARTBEATS THAT KNOW ME BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF)
  17. @HisDudeness's "What Turns Me On"= baked Alaskan
    Just straight up fire🔥. (What Turns ME On)
  18. @LeahG's "Times My Cat Had Zero Chill"=garlic bread
  19. @nathanveshecco's "Track list For My New Album"=cookie dough
    Really good at first, and then there was too much and I got a little sick, and then I felt better and finished the whole batch. (No link to the list because it doesn't exist anymore.)
  20. If lists were food, not friends, I'd be the biggest person in America because ya'll (and everyone I follow I didn't mention) have some amazing lists and I can't stop reading them.