1. Date showed up with another woman.
  2. Sleeve caught on fire and spread rapidly.
  3. Accidentally ate an Ambien instead of a Tic Tac and had to keep punching her leg to stay awake.
  4. Accidentally drank an entire bottle of vinegar.
  5. Date wore 3D glasses all night.
  6. Rode in a sidecar of a date's motorcycle, which got detached and went down a flight of stairs.
  7. Went to a boring movie with a date, who tried to pull out one of her teeth while she slept.
  8. Date forced her to have an MRI, asked if she was on her period, told her she might be dying, made her drive him home, probably forced her to pick up his son from basketball.
  9. Boyfriend's mom once called and broke up for him.
  10. Tripped and broke her kneecap, date said he wasn't feeling it and left her to wait alone for an ambulance.
  11. Guy got down on one knee and begged her never to call him again.
  12. Guy broke up with her while in the shower together.
  13. Date invited her to a beautiful picnic, but told her not to eat anything because Rebecca is coming.
  14. Dated a civil war reenactor who wore the clothes all the time.
    Also, he was married.
  15. Told a man she loved him while scuba diving, and he shot to the surface too fast and got The Bends.
  16. Went to the wedding of an ex, and the bride made her dance to "Single Ladies" by herself because she was the only one without a date.
    Not technically a date, but I'll allow it.