Love Triangles That Should Have Been an Easy Choice

I didn't intend to turn this into a rant against Shonda Rhimes, sorry. (I still love you through, @shondarhimes)
  1. Edward-Bella-Jacob
    Come one! So easy! Did Jacob ever leave you in the forest for like, two days? Did Jacob ever make all the decisions for you because he thought you were too weak to make them yourself? Did Jacob respect your choices, even when you were being a stupid little girl? The answer is no, to all of the above. Bella, you're stupid and picked the wrong guy.
  2. Gale-Katniss-Peeta
    Peeta loved you even when he found out you were just using him to survive, he saved you and gave you hope by giving you the bread, even though he suffered. He volunteered to go back into the games to protect you, even though it meant he would die. You picked the right guy, Katniss. Good job!
  3. Damon-Elena-Stefan
    They both deserve better. I mean, neither will be happy as long as the other is with her. Bros before hoes, amirite?
  4. FDR-Lauren-Tuck
    Nice guy over the bad boy, always. Also, Tom Hardy over Chris Pine, always. But I'm not too upset, I could see why it would be a difficult decision. I'm okay with your choice, Lauren, but I would have picked Tuck.
  5. Lana-Clark-Chloe
    Finally! One with two girls! Lana is more attractive, but pick with your heart, Clark, not your head. Chloe is always there for you, and she accepts you for who you are. Also, she's braver, emotionally stronger, and all around the better choice. You really messed this one up, Clark.
  6. Chloe-Clark-Lois
    Chloe is great, but it's Lois! She shares the same passions as you, she's brave, badass. You picked this one right, Clark.
  7. Teddy-Owen-Christina
    Teddy is beautiful and smart, but she's not Christina. You picked right, until you ended up with neither of them! But this isn't you're fault, no one can ever be happy in a Shonda Rhimes show, apparently.
  8. Addison-Derek-Meredith
    Addison is the better girl, but not for you. Derek, you Picked right, and you guys were great, UNTIL SHONDA HAD TO KILL YOU OFF.
  9. Ellis-Richard-Adele
    Adele was the right pick, and if you disagree, I'll fight you! But I can see why a young Ellis would have been tempting, but Adele is the better woman. Yet again, you ended up alone, THANKS SHONDA.
  10. Arizona-Calle-Tramp that Arizona slept with