So imagine your perfect significant other in every single way, EXCEPT for this one thing. You decide if you could make it, or if you would break the relationship off. Answer in the comments and suggest any good ones you come up with!
  1. They glow bright green when horny.
    And everyone knows why they are glowing.
  2. They had their dead dog stuffed and keeps it in the living room, and once a week puts roller blades on it and takes it for a walk.
  3. They can never climax because of you.
    They say it's okay, and they still love you, but you always wonder if they are telling the truth/finding love somewhere else.
  4. They make you get rid of your pet.
  5. Their political views are the exact opposite of yours.
  6. They refuse to leave the house unless they are wearing an outfit identical to yours.
  7. They spent time in prison, but won't tell you why.
  8. They can only impregnate/get pregnant if a third party is watching.
    Sex for fun is 100% normal.
  9. They go out of town for a month every year, but say they can't tell you where they go/what they do.
  10. They can only eat food that you have personally chewed first and spit into their mouth.
  11. They can't read, and have no desire to ever learn.
  12. They slept with your mother/father before they met you.
  13. Their fingers are covered in Cheeto dust 24/7, even though they don't eat them.
  14. They force you to become a vegan/meat eater.
  15. They are a bad kisser, and always will be.
    We're talking George Michael bad. Like, the kissing brings you physical pain.