My Dream Super Bowl Team

  1. The Kardashians
    This would be so much fun to watch. They would be freaking out and running away from the ball so fast.
  2. The Rock
    I just imagine he would get the ball, and never let it go. The entire team would be hanging on to him, and he's just running down the field like its no big deal.
  3. Betty White
    She's old and brittle, but I think she would surprise us all.
  4. The Left Shark
    Let's give this guy a shot at redemption.
  5. Jacki Chan
    Uses mystical ninja skills to stop anyone with the ball.
  6. Mr. T
    He'd probably end up killing the opposing team, and it would be great entertainment.
  7. Donald Trump
    Honestly, I just want to see him get sacked into oblivion.