Inspired by @Lisa_Fav (really just #humblebragging that one of my lists was one of the last to be featured)
  1. The Guy Who Is The Reason They Got Rid Of The Featured Feature
    Hear me out.
  2. This either went down one of two ways.
  4. The gods of @list (@bjnovak, @Nicholas, @dev, others) looked down upon their creation, and noticed my list (Monsters Inc Monsters, Ranked By How Many Scare Containers I Would Fill If It Showed Up In My Room) was featured.
  5. And they thought to themselves, "This is the best the peasants have to offer, so we might as well stop our search for the best."
  6. And then they met at their Olympian-style council and unanimously decided to get rid of Featured.
  8. The gods looked upon their creation, and saw that it was good.
  9. But, then they looked at the Featured section, and saw my list.
  10. And they thought to themselves, "Is this the trash we let get featured now?"
  11. So they called a council and unanimously decided that the peasants no longer deserved a Featured section, and they struck it from existence.
  12. Either way, I'm sorry guys.
  13. If I had known the outcomes, I never would have posted that list.
    Oh, my Legacy might also be that getting featured for the third time (but who is counting?) went to my head and I took responsibility for something that was clearly beyond my control. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯