1. When I was a goalie and kicked the soccer ball over my head and scored against myself.
  2. When I almost fell of the roof, and was upside down with my head dangling over the edge while I tried to pull myself up using a branch, only to save myself and then have my neighbor come over with a giant ladder and asked if I needed help.
  3. When I told my mom "Right Here, Right Now" from High School Musical 3 would be my wedding song.
    I would have been about 13...
  4. The time I fell backwards off of a stool and into cart full of microscopes in front of the whole class.
    Luckily, nothing broke.
  5. The time my phone started blasting Maroon Five in the middle of my great aunts funeral.
    Oddly enough, that's not even close to the worst thing that happened during that funeral.
  6. The time I got a nose bleed while wearing nice clothes, and had no napkins in the car, so I ended up using a leftover feminine pad I had in my backpack from a surgery I had a few months before, and a lady at a stoplight saw me holding a bloodied pad to my face and give me the dirtiest look.