1. Office Lists: 15
    This honestly surprised me. (Thought it was way more)
  2. Deleted lists: honestly way too many to remember. Mostly ones that only got under five likes.
    But I've stopped deleting.
  3. Featured lists: 3
  4. Lists shared on Facebook/twitter: 1
  5. Lists liked by BJ: 1
  6. Certified follows: 2
  7. Unsolved mysteries: 1
  8. Lists I spent the most time one: Pugs and Bugs and The Office Cast Ranked 🏀
  9. Favorite List I've written: All The Books Named In Harry Potter
  10. Favorite list request: ❤️❤️❤️
  11. Thanks @aus10 😘
  12. I bared my most embarrassing stories, and got one like.
  13. A list that got away from me: Dream Vacation