Partially inspired by @annie_teee
  1. Facebook
    Old hermit who never interacts with the world, but watches everything from afar with a spyglass.
  2. Instagram
    Wannabe artsy hipster who posts way too many pictures of flowers. Convinced I'm a "photographer" because I have access to a camera and filters.
  3. Snapchat
    70 year old grandmother who mostly snaps family members, and has way too much fun with the always changing filters.
  4. Twitter
    Middle aged goofball that shares all my awkward and random encounters, retweets too many pictures of puppies, and uses urban dictionary often to figure out what the new slang words mean.
  5. Goodreads
    Grouchy Liberian who discourages talking and just constantly adds new books to already full shelves.
  6. The List App
    20 year old college student who usually focuses on humor and light subjects, but occasionally goes a little deep. Talks about The Office way too often. Basically, the closest thing to me in real life.