Nick and Tran: A Love Story

  1. They met under not the best circumstances.
  2. They faced conflict early on.
  3. They over came it, and began a friendship unlike any other.
  4. Look how happy Nick is!
  5. Look how Tran looks at him!
  6. Nick finally found someone he can be honest and vulnerable with.
  7. Someone to form an alliance with.
  8. An alliance against what, I'm not sure.
  9. But they made it work.
  10. They make each other happy.
  11. Like, really happy.
  12. They play foreign board games together.
  13. They joke with each other.
  14. They know when to stop if the jokes go too far.
  15. They aren't afraid to take their friendship public.
  16. And even though occasionally things get a little uncomfortable,
  17. Sometimes a lot uncomfortable,
  18. They make it work and love each other despite their differences❤️