Mom and dad are driving the truck to the nearest town with a mechanic that can work on the truck. That is Whitehorse, five hours away. There is a good chance the truck will break, so they'll have to hitch hike and call a tow truck. (They are hoping it'll be close enough that Whitehorse will tow it) anyway, we are now orphaned again.
  1. We're stuck in the BBC
    Beautiful British Columbia.
  2. Just where brett always wanted to be
    I was obsessed with Canada as a wee lad.
  3. At first we all arrived with glee,
  4. Now the excitement has left me.
  5. Yeah, The BBC.
  6. We thought it'd be one night,
  7. Now we are filled with fright.
  8. Yeah, the BBC.
  9. We're running out of water and that can't be.
  10. We're stuck in the BBC
  11. Orphaned here, we all want to flee.
  12. But we can't because we're stuck in the BBC.
  13. No water, no mom, no dad. Just us and the BBC.
    We had about 9 water bottles to last three days, and the water in the trailer tastes like sulfur.
  14. Yeah, the BBC.
  15. Just my sisters, brother, and me, at least I've got bear dog to protect me.
    We're pretty sure he chased a bear away from us while exploring.
  16. Stuck in the BBC, at least Rudy's here to make sure we have glee.
    Rudy took care of the property.
  17. Sitting in our hammocks thinking "dammit",
  18. Looking up into the trees asking lord, help us please.
  19. Yeah, in the BBC.
  20. Stuck in the BBC, where all the bugs are biting me.
  21. And the truck gave out on me, we can't use the trailers AC,
  22. Oh how I love the BBC.
  23. Just the BBC and me,
  24. How I wish to flee.
  25. But no where to run,
  26. So we lay in the road and hope it is quickly done.