In honor of my time working in the mall coming to a close.
  1. The Walking Eldery
    Rain, snow, sun, they walk the mall in the morning. They will take a sample every time they walk past one, but they will never, ever buy something.
  2. The Young Old People
    We are talking 60+ wearing sagging pants, backward hats, and light up shoes.
  3. The Questionable
    These are the people that you're pretty sure aren't supposed to be there. Mostly middle school kids in the middle of the day, but occasionally herds of Monks.
  4. The Unhomeless
    They have homes, and yet they seem to be at the mall 24/7, just walking around with no purpose and no intention of ever buying anything. (Similar, but different than Mall Rats)
  5. The Mall Rats
    Kids who have nothing better to do than roam the mall while causing mayhem and being very obnoxious.
  6. The Cuties
    People love to bring their puppies into the mall to show off, and no one is complaining.
  7. The Daters
    They kiss, they fondle, they lick tongues, and they don't care who sees.
  8. The Road Blockers
    They walk in a row, slowly, and make you follow pace behind them.
  9. The "Parents"
    They let their children run amok, and aren't afraid to scream at them as loud as they can while everyone watches on awkwardly.
  10. The DJs
    They believe that their taste in music is so great that it would be a disservice to the world if they didn't walk around blaring it as loudly as possible.
  11. The Screamers
    You'll never know who they are, where they are, or why they scream. It won't happen every night, but if you are in the mall after the stores close but before the mall itself closes, you will must likely hear their screams echoing from afar.