This is not a hot take, this is fact. And before you ask, no, I will not be accepting alternative facts.
  1. He is so self absorbed that he genuinely believes his teenage children want to hear the story of every girl he has dated.
  2. He told a girl he loved her on the first date, and then committed an act of theft to prove he isn't crazy and that she should give him another chance.
  3. He went to the same Halloween party four years in a row in hopes of a girl he met once might be there.
    He also wore the same lame costume all four years.
  4. He stole a woman's private information and stalked her at her place of work, and then tried to convince her to leave her fiancé a few days before the wedding.
  5. He caused an excessive amount of stress to a woman 2 days before the wedding, went behind her back and started a fight between the bride and groom that almost ended their relationship, all because he wanted to bring a date to the wedding.
  6. He lied to Robin about breaking up with his girlfriend, made out with her and almost had sex with her.
    Also, he tries to blame it on the time of night?
  7. He essentially spent +9 years complaining about being single.
    I'm still so angry over this one. Also, angry Robin actually got rid of them and didn't dump his ass immediately.
  9. He expected his fiancé to move out of her house in NJ, taking her daughter out of school and away from friends, and move into his apartment in NYC.