Scooby Doo Villains, Ranked🏀

Now I'm feeling all nostalgic. SCOOBY DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? villains only, because they are the only ones that matter. Third round of @aus10's March Madness, so like and relist to send me on to the Elite Eight😘 If I win, I promise to never post porn/nudes of myself.
  1. 38.
    Phony Phantom
  2. 37.
    Skeleton Men
  3. 36.
    The Phantom
    It's just a man wearing a bed sheet using mirrors to make it look like it can go through walls. Just stand there and let it walk through you, nothing's going to happen.
  4. 35.
    Wax Phantom
    Glorified candle.
  5. 34.
    Look at his face. This guy is too stupid to be scary.
  6. 33.
    The Caveman
    It's literally just a caveman. Show it how to make fire and you're fine.
  7. 32.
    Guys, he's purple. PURPLE.
  8. 31.
    Snow Ghost
    It's just a glorified yeti. Actually, it's not even glorified: it's literally just a yeti.
  9. 30.
    The Willawaw
    What. The. Freaking. A. Is. This.
  10. 29.
    Spooky Space Kook
    Wtf is this? Wtf kind of name is "Spooky Space Kook"?
  11. 28.
    Ghost of Zen Tuo
    His face is made of gold and he has a precious stone stuck to his forehead. No, just go away.
  12. 27.
    The Ghost of Mr. Hyde
    Unnatural skin tone? Weird nose? ✔️✔️
  13. 26.
    Puppet Master
    He's literally a puppet master, guys.
  14. 25.
    Why do they insist on making the monsters have unnatural skin colors? This thing isn't scary, NEXT.
  15. 24.
    Mummy of Ankha
    Mummies just have never been that scary to me. Take off all that gauze and then we'll discuss.
  16. 23.
    Indian Witch Doctor
    It's pretty obvious that's a mask, right? And when there is a mask, there is just a human underneath.
  17. 22.
    Ape Man
    It's just an ape costume, but a very convincing ape costume. Plus, apes can be very ferocious and violent.
  18. 21.
    Frankenstein's Monster
    No feelings. Not scary, but not not scary. Just eh.
  19. 20.
    Ghost of Elias Kingston
    Maybe it's just me, but ghosts that are weird colors turn me off. But, this guy does look like he's been rotting for awhile, and his fingers are unnaturally long and freaky.
  20. 19.
    The Ghost of Finyan McDuff
    A bagpipe playing ghost? Why? Only reason he's so high is because of his pet Loch Ness Monster.
  21. 18.
    I don't even want to discuss how a jaguar mates with a gorilla. Just going to pretend this never existed.
  22. 17.
    Ghost of Redbeard
    What makes him a ghost rather than a guy in a pirate costume? But still, he was pretty creepy.
  23. 16.
    Milissa Wilcox
    Now THIS was a scary witch.
  24. 15.
    I'm not sure why this one is different than the last werewolf, but this one scared me as a kid.
  25. 14.
    Snow Beast
    It's easy to dismiss this because it's just a furry, Arctic version of a Tyrannosaurs Rex, but realistically, this thing is terrifying and unstoppable.
  26. 13.
    Old Iron Face
    He's okay, BUT HE IS RIDING SHARKS LIKE WATER SKIES. This is terrifyingly awful.
  27. 12.
    Headless Specter
    Things that don't have heads are creepy. Like, WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS HEAD!?
  28. 11.
    Miner Forty-Niner
    He's clearly just a man, but a man who appears to have no face. His walk is creepy, and he brings back painful memories of a ghost story my uncle used to tell, so he's scary for personal reasons.
  29. 10.
    Cat Creature
    This is actually pretty scary. Maybe I'm biased because big cats have terrified me ever since I had a nightmare where a Saber-Toothed Tiger hunted me, but it's still scary.
  30. 9.
    Ghost of Captain Cutler
    Imagine this thing dragging you into dark waters as you kick and claw at the surface for air.
  31. 8.
    Witch Doctor
    Now this is a witch doctor. The ghost drums are creepy, and so is his mask. This level of Scooby Doo's Classic Creepy Capers on N64 was pretty intense.
  32. 7.
    The Black Knight
    I've never found suits of armor scary because it's just not applicable to my life. I mean, when's the last time you saw one? That being said, the level in Classic Creepy Capers was both intense and terrifying when he popped up out of nowhere.
  33. 6.
    Red eyes are creepy, but his flour-covered face isn't. But when he turns into a bat?😱
  34. 5.
    Charlie the Funland Robot
    Just look at that blank face and dead eyes. Robots, overall, aren't scary, but murderous robots in abandoned amusement parks certainly are.
  35. 4.
    The Creeper
    I don't know what this thing is, and that makes it that much more horrifying.
  36. 3.
    Ghost Clown
    Ghost clown, guys. As in, a ghost that is also a clown. NOPE.
  37. 2.
    The Green Ghosts
    Stereotypical bed sheet ghosts, but with a twist. The faces are scary, and the clinking of chains is terrifying. All time favorite villain, but not the scariest.
  38. 1.
    The Tar Monster
    This thing actually gives me anxiety. Just imagine this thing grabbing hold of you and hugging you and hot tar sliding down your nose and throat, slowly suffocating you while you hopelessly struggle to escape and breath.