Shows I'm Into

FAQ: how do you possibly have enough time to watch all these shows and read all those books? Answer: I don't have a social life.
  1. 24: Legacy
  2. The Santa Clarita Diet
    SO GOOD GUYS. (Drew Barrymore is the hottest zombie ever, I won't debate this)
  3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  4. The CW Superhero lineup. (Minus Legends)
    Highkey in love with Supergirl.
  5. Riverdale
    I haven't actually seen it yet, but sometimes you just *know*.
  6. No tomorrow
    The CW owns me.
  7. Superstore
    Kills me.
  8. Powerless
    Venessa Hudgens, guys. Gabriella. 💥
  9. The Good Place
    That twist doe.