Inspired by who ever inspired everyone else. Something I learned from this list: I mostly only listen to radio hits.
  1. 1995: Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex
    (Yes, I binge listened this song and yes, I fist pumped to it.)
  2. 1996: Space Jam by Quad City DJ's
  3. 1997: Barbie Girl by Aqua
  4. 1998: The Rockerfeller Skank by Fatboy Slim
  5. 1999: Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin
  6. 2000: Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC
  7. 2001: Drops Of Jupiter by Train
  8. 2002: Lose Yourself by Eminem
  9. 2003: Crazy In Love by Beyoncé
  10. 2004: Break Away by Kelly Clarkson
  11. 2005: How To Save A Life by The Frey
  12. 2006: Promiscuous by Nelly Furtada ft. Timbaland
  13. 2007: Hey There Delilah by The Plain White Tees
  14. 2008: Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf
  15. 2009: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
  16. 2010: Misery by Maroon 5
  17. 2011: E.T. by Katy Perry and Kanye West
  18. 2012: Drive By by Train
  19. 2013: Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz
  20. 2014: Take Me To Church by Hozier
  21. 2015: Want To Want Me by Jason Derulo
  22. 2016: As of now, none yet. I'm too busy hating Love Yourself by Justin Bieber from 2015
    (A note to the stations that play this song every half hour: why don't you go "love" yourselves?)