Inspired by @marymurphy
  1. Anti-Ross Lists
  2. Parody Twitter accounts
    All they do is plagiarize each other and share pictures of small accounts so they don't get any likes/retweets.
  3. Those trees that smell like semen
    Callery Pear, gross.
  4. Orange Julius Smoothies
    I hate those bastards.
  5. Books written by James Patterson
    To be fair, I've only read one, but it was awful.
  6. People who ignore you when you ask how they are doing, and immediately start ordering
  7. Those kiosk people in the mall that try to sell you spatulas and shit
  8. Toby Flenderson
    Nah fam.
  9. TVs playing Shark Week 24/7
  10. Sharks
  11. My dad's extended family
  12. Kids asking where babies come from
    That is not my job.
  13. Those "house centipedes" that are really demons in disguise. A bad disguise, but a disguise nonetheless
    BITCH I'M GONE. Google house centipede, I dare you.