The Office Cast Ranked 🏀

In honor of the eleventh anniversary. This list kind of got away from me... Second round of @aus10's March Madness, so like it up and don't be shy of the realist button.
  1. 99.
    Todd Packer
    If God didn't invent a tenth circle of hell for this pervert, there is no justice in the world.
  2. 98.
    Robert California
    ⭐️Creepy pervert. Hard pass.
  3. 97.
    Cathy Simms
  4. 96.
    Walter Bernard
    Just. Go. Away.
  5. 95.
    He knows what he did.
  6. 94.
    Charles Minor
    ⭐️You are crazy, Jim and Pam are great, you suck, you're the worst, go away please.
  7. 93.
  8. 92.
    Deangelo Vickers
    ⭐️I absolutely abhorred this man. He deserved far worse than a coma.
  9. 91.
    Tom/Pete Halpert
    You guys are animals and I hope you get pranked in the worst way possible.
  10. 90.
    Tom/Pete Halpert
    *see above* honestly don't know which is which?
  11. 89.
    Robert Lipton
    I hate this jerky, thoughtless, ignorant, arrogant bag of dicks.
  12. 88.
    Donna Newton
    How dare you cheat on your husband with sweet, childish Michael? You should be ashamed of yourself.
  13. 87.
    Josh Porter
    Dick move leveraging your newly appointed position to get a job at Stables, josh. Dick move.
  14. 86.
    Ugh, this guy.
  15. 85.
    Merv Brente
    ⭐️Your negatively would have brought the office down hardcore, glad you didn't get hired.
  16. 84.
    Walter Bernard, Jr
    ⭐️ eh. Couldn't care less about you.
  17. 83.
    I just need you to leave, you freaking weirdo. Here's an idea: maybe use an adult bathroom? Freak.
  18. 82.
    Darrel may have been okay with you shamelessly flirting while having a boyfriend, but I'm not. He deserves better.
  19. 81.
    Hannah Smoterich-Barr
    I honestly don't remember much about her, except she brought her baby into the office entirely too often. That is no environment for a child. (Also, her name seems very elaborate for only a few episodes?)
  20. 80.
    Broccoli Rob
    ⭐️you were kind of a douche, but whatever.
  21. 79.
    Jo Bennet
    ⭐️I like Kathy Bates, but Jo was a weirdo freak, and what was up with her freaky dogs?
  22. 78.
    Danny Cordray
    Don't have any thoughts one way or the other. Biggest testament of Pam's love of Jim is that she choose Jim over him.
  23. 77.
    Carol Stills
    She just was never right for Michael.
  24. 76.
    Just leave
  25. 75.
    This guy is a grade A weirdo. Also, he carries a gun (receipt). No chill😅
  26. 74.
    Mr. Brown
    But that's not really his name, right? It's just a test?
  27. 73.
    Carla Fern
  28. 72.
    Devon White
    We never really got to know him, and I think I might have liked him if we had.
  29. 71.
    You were great, but not for Kelly. Like, what did you see in her? This relationship made no sense.
  30. 70.
    Jordan Garfield
    Sorry Deangelo was such a douche to you.
  31. 69.
    ⭐️ no thoughts, you were in it for like, 5 seconds. But👏🏽
  32. 68.
    Hunter Raymond
    Sorry you fell under the spell of Jan's craziness.
  33. 67.
    Tony Gardner
    You could have been great, but you just couldn't handle the office's stress. What a shame.
  34. 66.
    Penny Beesly
    ⭐️I love you. Also, you're pretty funny. Also, I loved you in the Help/Pitch Perfect. Also, I love you.
  35. 65.
    Finger Lakes Guy
    ⭐️I didn't remember him having a name, so I tried to find it, and I guess he is only referred to as The Finger Lake Guys. You probably would have been a great manager, but you just had to run off to the Finger Lakes.
  36. 64.
    Martin Nash
    He would have been a great edition, but Michael just had to have no chill and drive him away.
  37. 63.
    Ed Truck
    Sorry about your head:/
  38. 62.
    Jack Black
    ⭐️this was so weird.
  39. 61.
    Jessica Alba
    ⭐️didn't even know she was in this until I saw it on IMDb
  40. 60.
    Jada Philbin
    *not pictured* this girl was great, and always happy, despite the craziness of the staff.
  41. 59.
    Esther Bruegger
    You were sweet, and pretty, and you and Dwight could have been good together, had his heart never belonged to Angela. Sorry your heart got broken:/
  42. 58.
    Jake Palmer
    Aka Meredith's Stripper Son. You probably turned out okay, considering your mother.
  43. 57.
    I just can't get over the fact that you dated a baby that you help raise? So weird.
  44. 56.
    The Blow-Up Doll
    Sorry, but like, you aren't real? But you and Jim did make a cute couple.
  45. 55.
    Captain Jack
    Sorry Michael ruined your booze cruise and made everyone think your boat was sinking.
  46. 54.
    Luke Cooper
    ⭐️you deserved why you got👋🏽 (why is there no spanking emoji? This is unacceptable)
  47. 53.
    You were so sweet for the five minutes you were in the show.
  48. 52.
    Aaron Rogers
    ⭐️ what makes you think you can judge a singing competition?
  49. 51.
    ⭐️ oh, he can so just sit there and cry.
  50. 50.
    Clay Akin
    ⭐️ 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  51. 49.
    Madge Madsen
    Sorry Michael was a jerk to you😞
  52. 48.
    The Magician
    Love this guy👍🏽👏🏽
  53. 47.
    Fred Henry
    ⭐️ It just never would have worked out, but you could have been great, Will.
  54. 46.
    ⭐️Sorry, nothing against you, but we just never really got a chance to know you. You were kind of just a distraction for Jim.
  55. 45.
    Helene Beesly
    Excuse me, but what did you think dating Michael would be okay? Seriously, why?
  56. 44.
    Cloris Leachman
    ⭐️I repeat, so weird. Also, you are great!
  57. 43.
    Hank Tate
    Is it Hank? What's his name? Guys, how does no one know his name? (It's really Hank, btw)
  58. 42.
    David Brent
    ⭐️ best cameo? Yes, yes it was.
  59. 41.
    Hidetoshi Hasagawa
    This guy, bless his heart. But energy drinks for Asian homosexuals? Very poor investment idea.
  60. 40.
    ⭐️ wish you could have been in more episodes.
  61. 39.
    Conan O'Brian
    ⭐️what a great half second!👍🏽
  62. 38.
    Given, he was just a mindless minion to Dwight, but he was also pretty funny.
  63. 37.
    Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
    Ugh, I always forget what his profession is😩
  64. 36.
    ⭐️ (okay, maybe not a ⭐️, but she was in Community and that counts for something)
  65. 35.
    Asian Jim
    ⭐️+A performance, ++A prank. (Also, almost died when I realized you were Kim Jong Un)
  66. 34.
    I remember freaking out that they showed a documentary member. Even though he kind of hit on Pam, he did save her from the charging lunatic, so he gets a high rank.
  67. 33.
    Roy Anderson
    Ugh, get out of here you psychopath.
  68. 32.
    You were only in three episode, but you were great.
  69. 31.
    Dwight Dog
    ⭐️So cute, I can't even.
  70. 30.
    Isabel Poreba
    High ranking because of that time you hit Angela.
  71. 29.
    David Wallace
    I liked him, even though he rarely had much comedic value, other than "SUCK IT", of course.
  72. 28.
    Clark Green
    You were weird and I still don't forgive you for that weird stunt you tried to pull with Erin, but you weren't that bad.
  73. 27.
    Gabe Lewis
    You are such a very, very strange man, Gabe. And also a desperate weirdo.
  74. 26.
    Princess Unicorn
    ⭐️ okay, so technically not a cast member, but this ingenious creation deserves recognition. Her little theme song still gets stuck in my head.
  75. 25.
    Karen Filippelli
    If Jim couldn't have ended up with Pam, this would have been a good second.
  76. 24.
    Philip Lipton (Schrute)
    A) this kid is adorable and B) he's Dwight's son.
  77. 23.
    Philip and CeCe Halpert
    They are adorable, but they aren't really anything more than props. But I love the episode where CeCe is born❤️
  78. 22.
    Nellie Bertram
    This was difficult because I HATED her at first, but by the finale, she was family and I loved her.
  79. 21.
    Jan Levinson
    She's absolutely insane, but I loved her. So much crazy and comedic gold in that character.
  80. 20.
    Pete Miller
    Nerdy, sweet, funny. He was perfect for Erin.
  81. 19.
    Holly Flax
    She's perfect for Michael, and I love her craziness.
  82. 18.
    Mose Schrute
    You adorable little weirdo.
  83. 17.
    Andy Bernard
    DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED. He was bad at first, then almost likable, and then he become the worst. But I have to put him high, since he's a main character. I owe him that.
  84. 16.
    Toby Flenderson
    He is sad and somewhat annoying, but I think he gets a bad wrap.
  85. 15.
    Darryl Philbin
    I liked him as a warehouse worker, loved him as an office member.
  86. 14.
    Stanley Hudson
    He's funny and I love him, but he's just a little too grumpy for me.
  87. 13.
    Creed Bratton
    He was probably certifiably insane, and I'm not sure what his job was (but neither did he).
  88. 12.
    Meredith Palmer
    So much greatness in such a crazy little mind.
  89. 11.
    Angela Martin
    I'm gonna be honest, she's kind of just awful in the beginning, but she really changes towards the end. Plus, her obsession with a cats is respectable. Someone has to take care of those awful little things.
  90. 10.
    Kevin Malone
    Kevin, you beautiful human being. Your lack of common sense and somewhat slow thinking lead to some great comedy. I'm sad that you never found love, but I'm glad you found happiness.
  91. 9.
    Kelly Kapoor
    I love her sarcasm, pop culture references, and her shallowness. She deserves so much better than Ryan, tbh.
  92. 8.
    Oscar Martinez
    Smart and funny, but also kind of a big know it all. He's kind of the serious one in the office, but he has his crazy moments. Also, his dancing gives me life.
  93. 7.
    Ryan Howard
    You beautiful little douchebag. You're just so lovable. I couldn't possibly put you anywhere other than top ten.
  94. 6.
    Phyllis Vance
    This woman. Where do I begin? She's sweet and caring, but has a little bit of a dark side. She also has some hilarious scenes!
  95. 5.
    Michael Scott
    I know what you're thinking: so low? But he's annoying and whining. He's hilarious and I love him, but he's not my favorite. Also, if you say that the show went downhill after he left, I'll fight you. The last season is one of the best.
  96. 4.
    Erin Hannon
    I love her innocence, and her empty head. Everything she does cracks me up.
  97. 3.
    Dwight K. Schrute
    Hilarious, strange, oddly loving. I love how his and Jim's relationship moves from enemies to frenimies to friends. And I love his and Pam's touching moments. (Tied for first)
  98. 2.
    Jim Halbert
    Hilarious, charming, lovable. What's not to love? He loves Pam unconditionally, and would do anything for her and the family. Probably the most perfect husband in the history of marriage. (Tied for first)
  99. 1.
    Pam Beesly
    Quirky, strong, brave. I love the growth seen in her, and her love for Jim and the kids. But she's also independent, and not afraid to speak her mind. Honestly, this woman is wife goals. (Tied for first)