1. Freshman/sophomore year, we had were separated into houses, and so everyone from a house took the same core classes together: English, biology, and history.
    It wasn't anything like at Hogwarts, unfortunately.
  2. On of the kids in my house was very much a "loner", and never really talked to anyone. Also, I don't think he ever bathed.
  3. Sophomore year, we had to take a class called "IB prep", which was kind of like a study hall, but the one class period was split into two classes, and each one was only focused on a subject that they thought a student needed to work on.
    I had English and math.
  4. All we did in the math class was work on math problems, and they were all pretty easy.
    IB Prep=waste of time. (It's not a thing anymore, at least not at my old school)
  5. The kid from my house was in the math section of my IB Prep, and we would occasionally talk and help each other on the math problems.
  6. One day, I noticed that he had drawn an upside down pentagram on his hand, and then he told me he was a satanist.
  7. Then he put his hands on mine, and started chanting in a language that does not exist, and then told me that the spirits were going to come to my house, and books were going to fly off of my bookcases and pictures were going to fall from the walls.
  8. And that the spirits were going to kill me and my family.
  9. So, yeah....
  10. Obviously, nothing like that ever happened.
  11. The best part of the story:
  12. He later found a hat in the school, and constantly wore it every day. I'm pretty sure he didn't know this, but the logo on the hat was for a Christian organization.
    The irony👏🏽