I was forced to post because it was glitching out and #nodrafts
  1. Shove a hose down the U-Bend of a toilet to breath.
  2. Use the air out of a tire to breath after driving my car into a river and I can't surface because I'll be shot by the men I was trying to escape from.
  3. Find a dead body and then try to solve the murder before the killer kills me.
  4. Hotwire a car to escape a killer.
  5. Kill a family member after they turn into a zombie.
  6. Dispose of body.
    But he was attacking me/someone I love, but then we realize he's a cop/politician and we'll get charged for murder even though the killing was justified.
  7. Preform emergency surgery on someone while a doctor gives me instructions via phone because we are too far away to get help in time.
  8. Become convinced my neighbor is a killer and try to prove it because the police don't believe me.
    One neighbor gardens at 10pm, so I'm pretty sure it'll be him.
  9. Rob a bank because someone I love will be killed if I don't.
  10. Crawl through a sewer.
    This could be done for any number of reasons, idk.