1. Having wet clothes on.
    Especially socks.
  2. Talking about people's sex life.
    Idk why so many people talk about their sex life with me? Like, people I hardly even know.
  3. People who don't like The Office.
  4. Situations in movies/shows where insects are crawling on people.
  5. When the TV/film adaptions of books make a lot of unnecessary changes.
    I'm looking at you, Hulu's 11/22/63
  6. When books/shows/movies have twisted sex scenes.
    Idk how I love American Horror Story so much...
  7. Talking about my self.
  8. Small talk.
  9. Meeting new people.
  10. Making small talk with a person I just met.
  11. When people chew loudly.
  12. People that don't like dogs.
  13. When people make out/grope each other in front of me.
  14. When people use the word "retard".
  15. Not having my phone.
  16. When someone asks me to do something, and I don't want to, but I don't have a valid reason to say no.
  17. Saying no in general.
  18. Making eye contact with strangers.
  19. Bathrooms that don't have dividers between the urinals.
  20. People that stare at me intensely for no reason.
  21. Movies that include excessive cursing needlessly.
  22. Conflict.
  23. Public speaking.
  24. Driving behind/in front of a cop.