For those unfamiliar with the Eighth Amendment: "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, NOR CRUAL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENTS INFLICTED."
  1. Being forced to be around people who douse themselves in axe.
  2. Being charged extra to put guacamole on your sandwich.
  3. Not being able to check your phone at work.
  4. Being charged insane prices for textbooks.
  5. Textbooks coming out with new editions every two years, but the information is the same, but still being required to buy the new one.
  6. Having to smile when someone pays in all coins.
  7. Having to pretend to be happy even though a guest is being awful.
  8. Having your boss follow you on Twitter.
  9. Being forced to listen to people's personal phone calls because they answer in the break room.
  10. Waterboarding people.
  11. Killing the families of terrorists.