1. When someone brings a basketball to class and dribbles it during group work.
    I swear, there is a kid in my history class that does this. I thought this was something that only happened in movies, but apparently not.
  2. When teachers assign group work.
    Seriously, this is college. Why in the H-E-L-L-double-hockey-sticks do you think this is acceptable?
  3. When you're the only person in your group that cares about your grade.
    I'm that person, always.
  4. When people let doors slam.
    Why is it so hard to gently close the door behind you instead of disrupting all the classrooms in a 500 foot radius?
  5. When 50+ year olds think they are still in their 20s.
    Downfall of community college: old people. Stop using slang incorrectly, cursing at every opportunity, and constantly talking about electronics you don't understand.
  6. When someone sits in your spot.
    No, this isn't high school. No, there isn't assigned seating. But this is where I've sat every Tuesday and Thursday since the beginning of the term, so please get your disgusting self out of my chair.
  7. When your teacher rambles on for two hours about things that aren't relevant.
    I'm taking notes on my phone, I swear. *fingers crossed under the table*
  8. When the teacher assigns a $200 textbook, but you end up hardly ever using it.
    Didn't you have to go to school for +5 years to become a teacher? Don't you know how expensive textbooks are?
  9. When the teacher assigns you a reading, which you do because you're a good student, and then gives you half an hour in class to read the reading.
    A. Why assign a reading to be done by next class if you're going to give us time to read it next class? B. Why do we need half an hour to read two pages? We aren't stupid/first graders.
  10. School parking.
    Don't even get me started.
    Can you not?