Things That Were Cool At My High School

Inspired by @Boogie
  1. Not going to Basketball games
  2. Getting someone to bring you Black Rock in class
  3. Going to Costco for lunch
  4. Lip dubs
    All four years ended with dancing to "Celebration" in the halls while someone on an office chair was pushed around filming.
  5. Camo
  6. The front tables in the Cafeteria
  7. ELE
    The anti-bullying movement.
  8. Photography
    Everyone is now a photographer. Their Insta's are all "[name] photography", so its official.
  9. Bribing teachers' to get you non-diet soda from the teacher's lounge
    Also, sneaking into the teachers' lounge for non-diet soda. (Guilty)
  10. Smoking marijuana
  11. The Dance Team
    Cheerleaders were a joke. It was all about Dance.
  12. Making out against lockers in between classes
  13. Going to the cemetery on 4/20