Notice, things THIS kid said. One kid said all these things in the span of one hour. (I was running a high school detention)
  1. "I know what Netflix and Chill means. No thank you."
  2. "Lunch detention is lowkey lit."
  3. "It's not rational and I don't like it."
  4. "Donald Trump? What's a Donald Trump?"
  5. "Nine whole humans take time to check on me throughout the day. Guess I'm just that pretty to look at."
  6. "She doesn't have any ties on me, so I could still get other Baes."
  7. "If I shaved my head, I'd look like a light skin turtle."
    "I already look like a camel as it is."
  8. "What's a Pomeranian? That sounds like a fruit."
  9. "That husky would have to have some serious squat game."
  10. "I saw 'Donald' and got really angry, but it's not Donald Trump, so it's okay."
  11. "Alright Oprah, this better be worth it."
    "Her selfie game is week."