Thoughts on Melissa Mccarthy

  1. She seems to almost always play these white trash characters with a messy home/life.
  2. And I always forget that she is actually very attractive.
  3. Like, she is super attractive.
  4. Like, stop being so attractive.
  5. And she is so funny
  6. Like, one of the funniest women in Hollywood.
  7. And if you disagree, I'll straight up punch you in the throat.
  8. If you even think about telling me Amy Schumer is funnier, I will make it my life's mission to give you explosive diarrhea.
  9. But who even IS Amy Schumer!?
  10. But back to McCarthy.
  11. Her latest SNL appearance killed me.
  12. Literally, I laughed so hard i couldn't breathe and I was legally dead for 20 seconds.
  13. Then I recovered, and forced my mom to watch it, and then I died again.
  14. So, yeah.
  15. Writing this list made me realize I am in love with Melissa McCarthy.
  16. End list.
  17. BONUS: Melissa plays Box of Lies
  18. BONUS: Melissa taste tests ranch dressing
  19. BONUS: Melissa's Golden Globes Story
  20. BONUS: Melissa plays Random Word Association
  21. Okay, I have class at 8AM, so I'm forcing myself to stop watching Melissa McCarthy videos.
  22. I fucking love this woman