Times I Probably Should Have Died, but Didn't. •ranked by How Close I Was to Death•

  1. 8.
    When I was riding a horse and I didn't duck under some tree limbs, and they got caught around my throat and tried to pull me off the horse and hang me.
    Age: 8
  2. 7.
    When I fell out of a tree stand onto a pile of pointy sticks.
    Age: 10
  3. 6.
    When I locked myself in the bathroom and ate a bunch of fluoride.
    Age: 5
  4. 5.
    When I was swimming across a small river with my dog, and she panicked and started to climb me.
    Age: 9
  5. 4.
    When I got stuck in a tree well in the snow, and couldn't get out.
    Age: 4
  6. 3.
    When I locked myself in the bathroom and ate rat poison.
    Age: 4
  7. 2.
    When I put a hose in the swimming pool, tied a towel around my neck, wrapped myself in the hose, and let myself sink to the bottom. (I was pretending to be Batman and the hose was a snake trying to kill me)
    Age: 9
  8. 1.
    When I told my mom I'd clean the house, but didn't.
    Age: 0-20