Turtle Gifs To Get You Through Your Day🏀

Happy Hump Day, everyone. (@aus10)
  1. When you're trying to get out of bed in the morning.
  2. When you're in the shower listening to good music.
  3. When you miss your bus.
  4. When you see your Work Best Friend
  5. When you see you Work Arch-Nemesis.
  6. When you try to do anything before you've had coffee.
  7. When you're the only one that actually does anything at work.
  8. When it's finally lunch time.
  9. When your annoying coworker says something stupid.
    *cough* @Boogie *cough*
  10. When you see someone go home early and you want to volunteer as tribute.
  11. When it's finally time to go home.
  12. When you get home and just want to cuddle with your pet.
  13. When you realize it's almost the weekend.
  14. When you finally crawl into bed.