1. Friends and How I Met Your Mother
    The cast of FRIENDS decide to go drinking, and discover Maclaren's Pub. The cast of How I Met Your Mother aren't too thrilled to see their table taken. An argument ensues, and turns physical after Lily pushes Monica. As they are rolling on the ground, Barney and Joey watch creepily, and try to stop Marshall and Ross from breaking up the fight. Eventually Carl breaks it up and kicks everyone out, and they all become friend on the street, and go to Central Perk to talk.
  2. Lost and Arrow
    Team Arrow flys to Australia for a vacation, only to have their plane crash on an island, where they are soon attacked by the Smoke Monster. They meet the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, and try to help defeat the Man in Black, but he manages to escape the island, but only after a near fatal arrow to the chest shot by Oliver. The Man in Black travels to Star City to destroy the city Oliver loves in an act of revenge. Team Arrow escapes, and a battle of apocalyptic proportions unfolds.
  3. Criminal Minds and The Office
    The BAU travel to Scranton, where they track a killer who has been strangling women, whom the news has dubbed "The Scranton Strangler". In the investigation, they meet Dwight as him and the Knights of the Night try to help, and immediately suspect him. The search the office, and are shocked to discover weapons hidden everywhere. They bring Dwight in for questioning, but the killer abducts a woman while he is in questioning. They catch the killer after a high speed chase, and Dwight is released.
  4. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and American Horror Story
    London's father buys the Hotel Cortez, and everyone from the Tipton moves to the Cortez. The countess sees the boys, and turns them because of their similarity to the other children she has turned. Liz and Carey become good friends and sing together. Iris becomes jealous and kills Carey, and she becomes a ghost. London becomes addicted to drugs, and is haunted by the Addiction Demon. March falls in love with Maddie, and ultimately turns her into the next Commandment Killer.