1. "Student centered learning"
    I don't know how this works at other places, but this is really just students teaching themselves. The instructor talks for five minutes, and then we spend an hour and fifteen minutes doing worksheets we had to buy for $45. Of course, the instructor is there to answer questions, but she only vaguely points us in the right direction.
  2. The midterm.
    Which was extremely difficult, and contained things that we weren't taught, because no one taught us anything. The majority of all the kids got C's. Not just from our class, either: from everyone currently taking biology 101. Only a small handful got a B or higher. Lot of people failed it.
  3. Turning things in.
    If someone is absent from a class, they can't turn in the worksheets that were assigned that class. EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE DUE THE NEXT CLASS. So if I do the assignment, and turn it in on time, I get zero credit.
  4. The Mess Up.
    So we are doing an experiment that we have to write a formal lab report on, and they gave us the wrong measurements, and all of the classes in the whole department ended up not being able to complete the experiment. So everyone has to come in on Thursday (a day that isn't supposed to have any classes because of something going on at campus) and redo the experiment.
  5. The Texting Incident.
    So in lab today, my group finished a step (a step we had done the week before, but had to redo it because of The Mess Up) early and we had to wait for everyone to catch up, so I was on my phone. Literally, nothing was happening. The teacher was making sure everyone did the step right, and some lady from the science department started getting super passive aggressive about my phone. "Are you sure you want to be texting? This lab report is 50 points." But she was super rude about it:
  6. The Texting Incident, part II.
    Like, I'm sorry, but I didn't mess up the entire experiment in The first place. That was you and the rest of the science department. And I wasn't even texting, I was checking my grade for the class. Had I not been on my phone, I would have been staring at the wall, BECAUSE THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE FOR US TO BE DOING.
  7. Okay, that's all. Sorry for filling you timeline (wall? Feed?) with this whiny list, but I needed to vent.
    I feel much better.