Alternate list title: Why I Am Proud Of My Sister or Humblebragging About My Sister
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    My sister, who is the number one singles player on the school tennis team, played against a number four player from another school at districts today.
    If you are unfamiliar with high school tennis teams, number four is the lowest position on varsity, and she was from a school with not enough players to have a JV team, so she was automatically on the varsity team.
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    It was clear from the beginning that she wasn't a great player. During warm ups, she served and asked if it was in, and then said "yay! It's a good day."
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    About half way through the match, she was getting killed.
    My sister was playing a little easy on her, even though it's hard to do in tennis without it being obvious.
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    During change over, she spoke with her coach and said "It's okay, I'm used to losing".
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    One of the girls on her team started talking with us, and mentioned that when she played a girl from another team, the girl asked how long she had been playing, then said "not long enough" before she could respond.
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    She also said another girl from another team told her to "remember to hit the ball" during a match.
    πŸ’”for some reason, a lot of girls in the league think it's okay to be dicks as long as they are mildly okay at tennis.
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    The girl kept telling my sister "sorry you have to play me" and "I'm sorry, I'm not good at this" and "sorry you're wasting your time."
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    But my sister was very friendly, told her not to apologize, kept smiling at her, and encouraging her and telling her when she did something good.
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    After the match, my sister told her that she played well, and that she could be really good if she stuck with tennis next year.
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    At the end of the day, the girl approached my sister and asked if she won her final match of the day, the match that decided if she would be going on to the quarterfinals tomorrow. When my sister said no*, the girl said "well, you won in my heart."
    *she probably would have won if her opponent didn't keep making bad calls when the ball was obviously in, but I'm not going to start that again.
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    Moral of the story: always be kind to people, because you might just be the only one who is, and even the smallest acts of kindness can have a huge impact on a stranger's life.