Why Shawn And Gus Are Best Friend Goals

  1. Their pop culture references are always on point, and they always understand each other's
  2. They always find themselves in strange and hilarious situations
  3. But they are always there to help each other out
  4. They aren't afraid to be honest with each other
  5. They are confident, and don't care what people think about them
  6. Their fist bump game evolved to a whole new level
  7. Seriously, their fist pumps are perfection
  8. No one will ever be better at fist bumps than them
  9. They joke around with each other
  10. Like, a lot
  11. But they know when to be serious
  12. Sometimes they fight
  13. But they fight with style and class
  14. They will always be there for each other, no matter what