Took me awhile to do this list justice but here we go!
  1. As soon as I knew I was going to Seattle (and would have a car to take advantage of) I knew my plans had to include the filming locations of one of my all time favorite movies, 10 Things I Hate About You
  2. How do I know this is one of my all time favorite movies?
    Not only did I see it about 10 times in the theater (luckily cheap theaters were still a thing back then) but I also own it on VHS, DVD, and iTunes. Since I own it on iTunes I got to watch it on my flight up north!
  3. Googled, researched, and mapped out a plan that worked with our schedule best.
    I'm very lucky to have friends willing to go along with my nonsense.
  4. First stop: Fremont Troll!
  5. Really is pretty cool. And truly just under an overpass.
  6. Outtake: aka when you realize just how short you REALLY are
    I was trying to nonchalantly step up onto the troll. I promptly slid into this attractive position, much to the laughs of myself and everyone else there.
  7. There was some dude filming something. He did about 5 takes with a crowd of people waiting to just take their pictures and leave. I was finally That Person and said "hey, so how much longer are you gonna be?" and then his "film crew" let the rest of us have access to the troll
    He clearly had no permit, I was a film major for 2 years, I know you gotta do what you gotta do, but it was getting ridiculous.
  8. Next stop: Gasworks Park!
    Sadly, the paintball place was built just for the movie.
  9. We were actually on our way to check out something else when suddenly there was a sign. And, free parking! So we pulled over immediately.
  10. It ended up being my favorite place I went to in all of Seattle. It's one of my new happy places in the world.
  11. It was way bigger than I thought
  12. It had a good view of the Space Needle (and these lights that kinda looked like the space needle) and boats on the water
  13. And pontoons flying overhead
  14. Cool painted pipe barn
  15. More inside the pipe barn place
  16. This guy who had been painting but packed up by the time I went over to talk to him about it
    But caught up and asked him about the painting and got to talking about how tricky it was to get back there on days that the weather was the same-ish so the lighting and shadows would be similar.
  17. And more pontoons.
    I was a bit nerdy and obsessed every time one flew over and then landed on the water.
  18. And that was it for Seattle filming locations
    Or so I thought!
  19. Supposedly this shot was filmed from Kerry Park...
  20. ...where we went at the end of our night and got to see it with lights!
    Clearly my iPhone doesn't have quite the zoom as the film camera. But seriously such a cool spot!
  21. So cold. But so cool.
  22. Day 2. Heading back to Portland. Tacoma. Where the real good stuff was.
    Maybe because we were only where they filmed but it was lovely and so pretty there.
  23. First stop! Padua High!
    Actually called Stadium High in real life.
    This is me literally running up the stairs to catch a glimpse of it in real life.
  25. Gorgeous.
  26. Freaked out selfie
  27. Spring had arrived there
  28. I am a dork.
  29. Very sad there was no band playing on the roof
  30. So so so pretty. And then...
  31. Next stop! The stadium!
    It was literally right there so not really a whole other stop)
  32. Where this happened
  33. But most importantly where this happened
  34. I wanted to recreate this myself (without cops)
    Because I am a dork
  35. But then my hopes and dreams were crushed
    There were people on the field though 😡 but didn't have enough time to properly find a way to break in
  36. But how cool would it be to watch a game there!?
  37. Pretty affordable too
  38. It took all my self control and the multitude of signage to not go in somehow.
  39. Still bummed about it to be honest
  40. But seriously, it's a really cool place and I feel like if I went to school there I wouldn't appreciate it nearly enough.
  41. Next stop! The Stratford House!
  42. It is on a court in a nice neighborhood with so many cool houses and I want to live there even more than I already wanted to live there.
  43. We passed these boys rollerblading a block away
  44. And then there it was
    I mean, do you see the view they've got?
  45. The porch where Kat sits. I wanted that to be my porch SO DAMN MUCH
    And can confirm that I still do.
  46. Such a nice yard too
  47. What's that? The deck that the dad's exercise equipment ended up in during the prom conversation.
    He's down. He's got the 411.
  48. We did a u turn to see it again from the other direction. It's such a beautiful house.
  49. So while I'm sad I didn't get to meet Ms Perky...
  50. Or draw a dick on someone's face...
  51. Or discuss emotions with Joey...
    Damn I was going for thoughtful.
  52. Or go on the water with Patrick...
  53. It was still pretty awesome and I highly recommend being a dork like me if you're ever in the Seattle/Tacoma area.
    Next time I'm doing a Sleepless in Seattle tour.