This is for me, but if it hits you too then welcome to the 2016 Forward Team.
  1. "Look Forward"
    Stop looking back. Not at past hurts. Not at past successes. Not at past failures. Not at the ways you thought you could have been/done better. Start looking forward. At the possibilities strewn before you.
  2. "Go Forward"
    Move. Be. Live! Whatever form that takes this year. Maybe it's actually going forward physically like running more or moving forward to a new location. Stop standing still and then being disappointed that everything is still the same.
  3. "Be Forward"
    You are strong. You are confident. You are straight up amazeballs. Remember that and be that. Seek out what you truly want without (as much) fear. Submit that resume or example. Be about it. Be forward and the worst someone can tell you is No.
  4. "Move Forward"
    Do not let yourself give into the darkness. Do not spend those hours on the couch and suddenly wonder where all the time went. Move towards the things that make you feel alive. Move to the things that sing to your soul. Create. Engage. Ask for help. Move forward.