In case you haven't picked up on this, my fear of commitment makes decision making of such things impossible. I can't choose a BEST! Or even a favorite. But ranking by the likelihood of rewatching a movie seems doable. Here we go!
  1. Manchester by the Sea
    Superbly acted. But ain't no way I'm watching it again. Too much sad.
  2. Fences
    It's like going to see a play and it was great and not wanting to taint it with another viewing. Thus, probably won't rewatch.
  3. Moonlight
    Again, beautifully acted. Beautifully shot. Great story. Just not one I'll rewatch very often. Maybe like once more.
  4. Arrival
    I mean, I have to watch it again at least once to see why I didn't like it when I really should have liked it. And then hopefully I'll like it enough to watch it again.
  5. Hacksaw Ridge
    I go through phases of watching war movies. I could see this being added to that mix no problem.
  6. Hell or High Water
    Just liked it and the story it was telling. Will watch again. Bridges has played this part before but he still does it so well. The standoff with him and Chris Pine at the end is aching with unspoken thoughts and guilt. Plus,a good soundtrack.
  7. Lion
    LOVED this. It was great. I think every couple of years I'll be hit with an overwhelming urge to watch it.
  8. Hidden Figures
    Already seen it twice. Will purchase. Will watch multiple times, obvi.
  9. La La Land
    The fact I've already seen it 3 times in the theater should point to why this is my tops. I bought the cd and it was on repeat in my car for about a month solid. All signs point to DVD purchase and watching whenever I'm feeling down.